The Fun Lab is locally owned and deeply rooted in our Blaine community. We’re here not just to provide Events that create lasting memories, but also to create opportunities to give back to the amazing Blaine community that’s given so much to us.  We offer TWO different options!  1.  Purchase our arcade cards at half price, sell them at your price, and pocket the difference.  2.  Have an awesome event at The Fun Lab and keep part of the sales generated that night.  Both options are a WIN-WIN situation for your group.  You will have FUN and generate much needed funds for your group!

Play Card Fundraiser

Sell Play Cards to earn 50% of sales!

At The Fun Lab we love to partner with causes and organizations in need of funding! Sign up for our Play Card Fundraiser program to sell gaming cards for use at The Fun Lab. 50% of all earned proceeds on the sale of the arcade cards will be returned to your organization as per the schedule below.

  • Sell 100 Play Cards…Earn $500
  • Sell 500 Play Cards…Earn $2,500
  • Sell 1,000 Play Cards…Earn $5,000


Get 30% back from your event!

Say goodbye to endless car washes, boring bake sales, and overpriced gift wrap sales. At one of the premier Blaine event venues, it’s easy! We provide the flyers and all you have to do is spread the word. You’ll receive 30% of the sales generated by attendees of your fundraiser event.  Have your supporters come in on your designated event day, and for every dollar they spend, you get 30 cents back!  They have FUN and you earn money by just having them enjoying themselves at The Fun Lab

  • Generate $1,000 in sales and…Earn $300 for your group!
  • Generate $5,000 in sales and…Earn $1500!
  • Generate $10,000 in sales…Earn $3000!

Call our friendly and knowledgeable events coordinator to learn more about our fundraising opportunities and plan your next successful fundraiser today!

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Ready to turn-up the fun factor on your next fundraising event? Contact The Fun Lab and find out how we can help connect community and raise money for your organization.

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